Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Feb 2008 Tidbits

Okay, here are a few quick bits about Erlang that I wanted to get up for people to see.

It looks like Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd is going to be busy with Erlang training in the US this year. They’ve scheduled seven courses spread over four US cities this year. If you’re in Los Angelas, New York City, Chicago, or Palo Alto (or close enough to make the trip), you might be in luck.

If those courses won’t work for you, you might also keep your eye out for the Pragmatic Programmers Erlang Sutdio. The only one scheduled so far is in Chicago, and is already full, but who knows where the next one will be—maybe you can talk the prags into bringing one to your home town.

Speaking of the prags, it looks like Joel won’t be doing the Hardcore Erlang book for them after all. As Kevin wrote over on his hypothetical labs blog, this is really too bad. I was looking forward to a follow up to Programming Erlang. The silver lining to this cloud is that Joel will be posting the content to his blog.

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