Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Book Rumours

I spent about an hour on the phone with a publisher yesterday (not O'Reilly or the Prags) talking about their plans for functional and concurrent programming books. I've got to say that I came away pretty excited about what they have in mind. I won't name names or post a lot of details, but here are three cool things that stood out:

  • They get the idea that there are two groups of people wanting to learn Erlang (Erlang programmers and programmers who want to learn more about Erlang's approach to concurrency) and they are targeting both camps.

  • They're talking about more than one book — I'm not sure how many though

  • Their first book is planned to be very hands-on, which I think is great.

Once they're a little bit closer to making announcements, maybe I'll have some more news to post. On a related note, I'm hoping to have some more information on O'Reilly's Practical Erlang soon too.

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Joseph Mansour said...

Great distinction! I think that a lot of people are attracted to Erlang and functional programming in general because of it's scaling power.